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Living in Class A

We are selling flats of various measurements in newly built Energy Class A buildings. This high quality project has been implemented not only through thermal insulation technologies and the most efficient conditioning plants, but also through high quality architecture and internal spaces. A real investment for your future. Learn more.

diari di cantiere in classe A in Brianza

From the building site

You can follow our building site work in progress! Learn more about the born process of a building, what 'coating' means, and how we manage to guarantee comfort in our buildings. If spurred by curiosity, you can even peek at our masons and see how they work on site. You are invited to follow our blog, and comment: we'll be pleased to answer you...


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Your next house

Carbone Costruzioni builds and sells apartments and houses, residences in class A locations, single or two-family villas. All of them are locateded in the most confortable and suggestive areas of Brianza. Discover where your next investment may lie, or wether you can find the ideal house for you and your family.


Building renovation

Thanks to its longstanding experience and through the employment of cutting-edge technologies and the most suitable competences in all varieties of fields, Carbone Costruzioni offers you the possibility to repair, renovate, transform and restore your properties, apartments, cottages, villas, buildings, or commercial spaces.